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Hi, thanks for stopping by. I go by both Leland and Lee, so use whichever you prefer. I've been doing CMS development for a few years now. I started at HubSpot in 2014, where I still work. I've helped plenty of HubSpot customers through Support tickets, CMS migrations, and Community engagement.

Take a look at my work and articles below. If you have any questions, submit the Contact form and I'll get in touch!

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My work

This portfolio site! Check out the site on GitHub through the link below. Built from a PSD and implemented with the BEM methodology. Please inspect the page and take a look!


An app that locates the International Space Station (ISS). It's built using Node, Express, and Handlebars to create an API service. Nested callbacks are used to return the data to the frontend. The entire app is deployed on Heroku.

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Some of my writing

This is a post I wrote on our Community forums to be used as a reference guide for looping through a HubSpot page's module data to gain access to specific module values.

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Customers were struggling with our default forms CSS, so I wrote a post including the default CSS with slightly more specific selectors to make styling easier.

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